Composer 10.2 issue with deleting

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Anyone else having problems with Composer 10.2 when it comes to deleting folders from the install, in the Composer window, before building the dmg/pkg?
When I try to make a install using "Monitor File System Changes" and I want to delete the User folder from the install package, clicking the Delete button does nothing and I have to force quit Composer.


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I believe this is a known issue with that release of composer.

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Hello @mscheffler I had run into this earlier. We went to our assets area of Jamf Nation, found the previous version of Jamf, 9.101 and downloaded the installer and we are using Composer 9.101 instead until this is figured out.

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Hi @mscheffler

This has been noted in a couple of other threads, and is a known issue with Composer that we have filed as PI-005356.

If you have not already, please contact Support to get a case opened and attached to PI-005356.

As others have mentioned in this thread, the easiest workaround is to download an older version of Composer and use that for the time being.

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Thank you! I knew I wasn't going crazy! I opened a support ticket a few weeks ago regarding this same issue and the rep didn't know what was going on. I ended up using another Mac that happened to have an older version installed and Composer worked fine. I chalked it up to a fluke and had them close the ticket. Yesterday, I installed Jamf Pro on a fresh install of macOS and the same issue happened again. Hopefully this is fixed soon.

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Is this resolved in 10.3.0 or does it persist?

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Still persists in Jamf 10.3.0

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Can confirm, still happening in 10.3.0 with multiple machines and VMs. Opening a support ticket now.

Edit: I created a support ticket with Jamf and was told that we probably won't see a fix for Composer until 10.4 which may not release until the summer release.

Jamf believes the the earliest working version is 10.1. I went back to 10.0.0 which seems to be working.

I wanted to update my post incase others cruise through this thread looking for a solution.

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I was told by Jamf that this was supposed to be fixed with 10.3, and now they're putting it off until 10.4? I guess that's fine as long as it doesn't cause problems. This bug doesn't seem to be a priority.

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Slight update I received over the weekend:
"The Composer PI that you're running into is slated for a fix in Jamf Pro 10.4. This is projected to release around the beginning of May"

It looks like we don't have to wait as long as summer but still, two versions to fix a required application still seems too long.

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Good news, appears to be fixed in 10.4.1