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All, I will be attending the conference for the first time this year. I don't think the schedule yet, at least I don't see it. For those of you who have attended in the past what time is it over the last day? I'm trying to make travel arrangements and would rather fly out the last day and save the cost of the hotel, but I don't want to leave early and miss out.

And if I have just over looked the schedule if you could point me to it that would be great as well



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Here is the schedule from last year:

They always do a little drinks thing at the end, right after the final session.
So if you plan to head out in the evening, you will be good.
If you don't care about drinks, then maybe a flight at like 4 or 5.


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Thanks, that helps.

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I recommend staying and leaving Friday morning if you can, there's plenty going on, meetups at bars etc. If you can't, Thursday is usually a full day of events. Keep in mind the new format this year could change things but expect a free happy hour starting after the last session on Thursday.


Hi everyone - The full schedule is now posted and you can start building your calendar here.
Looking forward to seeing everyone in a few weeks!