Configuration Profiles and disabling screensaver?

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In our lab environments we want to disable the screensaver and only use the sleep function after set amount of time. Setting the sleep time is easy enough but how do you disable the screen saver? My first thought was maybe it would be in Call me crazy but it looks like the only thing in there are settings that are located in the Security & Privacy System Preference.

I've doing some searching and have found some info about using managed preferences but last I checked those are deprecated.

Is anyone here doing this? Advice or links to how this gets done would be appreciated.



Use a Configuration Profile in the JSS. Settings you want are located under login window, options. Start screen saver after: 1440 minutes of use. Set your other Sleep settings in Energy Saver tab.

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Thanks...I'll look into that. I had thought that was simply for the screensaver when sitting at the login window and not when a user was logged. If that solves things, great!

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Did this work?

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I've had better luck with lab management not allowing system sleep at all. Sleep has never worked well with one-to-many macs in just about all the macOS's in my experience. What works better is enforcing sleep-never and screensaver/screen dim after the amount of time you see fit for your usage scenarios. It works well to use the Energy Saver payload to set these, too.

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I can echo SGill's response, in particular with our Eizo monitors in the photo and digital printing labs (sometimes they go into various sorts of confusion when the signal comes back on). We do get some pushback from Sustainability about those settings, though.

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Could someone point me to the correct Login Window option in current Jamf Pro release?