Crowdstrike extension attribute

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I had the above extension attribute applied to report the Crowdstrike Falcon Sensor version on Macs previously compatible (10.13-10.15). Now that 10.13 is no longer supported and Big Sur 11+ is, I need to edit this but I'm honestly not good with the regex values and whatnot. Anyone happen to know how to modify this properly to report 10.14 - 11+ as compatible?


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I have two EA's for CrowdStrike here that I have updated to support the latest versions of macOS and supported CrowdStrike Sensors.

Technically 10.13 is not supported, that is correct, however it still functions, so I've left it as reporting it's status for now (we have a large number of devices till on High well as older OS versions... Anything older will report not supported. If you wanted to change this, you could easily do so by changing the "${osMinorPatchVersion} <= 12" value from 12 to 13 in line 71.

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Hey.  I've been having trouble with this script.  

I keep receiving the error:  Verify Crowdstrike: Installed and Running:Invalid Customer ID; FDA not enabled

in the JAMF console.


I've verified numerous times that the Customer ID is correct.  I obtained this right from our JAMF portal, and the machine installed from the JAMF portal.

We do have a -02 after our customer ID.  (IE:  1234567890-02)

When I check the CUSTOMER ID in terminal on the computer is shows as 1234567890 without the -02.

The package and its old script are populated with the cutomer number.


Any suggestions or thoughts as to how this machine is getting an incorrect customer ID ?

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@MLBZ521 thats perfect. thanks!