CS3 Master Suite

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I went through the list archives and didn't see anything on this. Has anyone been able to get the CS3 Master Suite discs working within Casper?

Disc1 shows up as an Adobe installer, with everything from the suite listed as payloads, but Discs 2-3 do not show up as valid Adobe Installers.

Any ideas on how to get the additional payloads into a single image? or get Casper to recognize the other discs as part of the install?



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You actually need to get your hands on a single DMG of the Master Collection. You can not add them as the separate discs and make it work. Adobe, for some customers has Electronic downloads which allows you to get Master as a single DMG. Otherwise to compile the multiple discs into a single image, there have been postings about how to do it on the Internet, but I don't know that I recall any of them working. It's not a simple process...

Talk to your Adobe rep if you have one and see about getting the Master dmg.

Craig E

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I got this working by building a custom DMG containing all 4 DVD's.

Copy the contents of Disc 1 into a folder called "CS3 Master Collection
Disc 1"

Copy the payloads from Discs 2, 3 and 4 into the payloads folder of "CS3
Master Collection Disc 1"

Edit setup.xml in the payloads folder. Change the references to Disc 2,
Disc 3 and Disc 4 to say Disc 1.

Use Disk Utility to make a DMG of the CS3 Master Collection Disc 1 folder.


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Do you overwrite the existing folders from Disc 1?

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OK, I've created the dmg and when I try to install Adobe After Effects on one of the iMacs, it errors out with the an "Adobe Installation Error: The Adobe Installer did not return an Exit Code. There may have been an interruption" Is there something missing here?

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Try running the install manually from the DMG. If it won't work manually,
it won't work thru Casper.