CS3 not serializing

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OK...so CS3 installs but asks for a serial number...any clues?
I've already included the serial in the Adobe Installer...



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It's one of those "unknowns" that we've all be complaining about. After
initial install, start Photoshop. If it asks you for a s/n, quit and
restart Photoshop and it should be serialized. At least, that has worked
for me (thanks Craig Ernst for that fix).


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It truly is one of the dumbest things I've ever seen...but you are welcome. =)

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I do CS3 installs on tons of client machines. I have had this problem
since the beginning. It is obvious that it has to do with the first run
of an Adobe product. It must gather some information about the machine
for the licensing (be it MAC address, computer model, whatever) so it
can register that to the software. Like mentioned before, a simple quit
of the application and opening it again should get around it. You could
run a post install apple script that launched it and then quit the
program so you don't have to do that.

I would say this is likely Adobe's doing since they tend to develop
their products in non standard ways, and they put crap all over the
place in OS X, when in my opinion they should make more self contained. I guess though that the Adobe apps probably all share some common
resources so that is why they put things all over the place.

Regardless though, it still beats having to install it manually on
several hundred machines.

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