Deploy VPP App to macOS Logged Off?

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I have several VPP apps (device based licenses) scoped to machines (not users). Final Cut Pro, Logic X to name a few.

I've left these for several hours with the mac switched on but logged off (this is a multi-user lab environment), however the apps do not install - I've checked with Jamf and these macs have Checked in several times over that time so should have received the assignments. Am I missing something obvious to get this working?



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Hi Ryan,

I had a issue like this too and it was caused by a "faulty" configuration profile. First do you see the Apps in the VPP configuration of your server? And if that's the case do they install using Self Service when you choose Self Service as install method ?



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Hi Simon,

The app deploys fine if I log into the Mac and then leave it logged in - so I don't believe there's anything wrong with the App or VPP Assignment. It appears to be the fact that the mac is not logged in.

I've seen a few other posts talking about the need for an MDM enabled user, but I thought this was only for deploying apps scoped to the user, not the computer?



You have to have an MDM enabled user for Mac VPP apps, even device assigned VPP. I don't really remember why but it's an Apple thing that requires a user. I was working on the same issue for my summer upgrade labs to High Sierra plan. I just have a "test" AD user account that I mass sign into all of the Macs with because AD users are MDM enabled by default. I can then sign out and the apps push fine. If I don't sign in though then the app install commands fail because there are no MDM enabled users.

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Thanks for the information @crbeck

Do you have to deploy / install the apps whilst the test user is logged in, or is it just the fact an MDM user has previously logged in which makes the apps deploy successfully when the Mac is logged off?



Can anyone confirm or deny that a VPP app will only install/update when a user is logged in?

never mind. Finally had success with VPP install at login window on MacOS 10.14.4.