Disable Time Machine restore

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I've looked through the forums here and have found ways to disable TM backups in OSX... however I have some users that have already created their images..
if there any way to disable the ability for TM to do restores ??
All systems are tied to Jamf Cloud and running Mojave...so I know it would be easy to implement, just don't know where else to look
thanks in advance...


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You can add Migration Assistant to restricted software, however, it won't stop anyone from restoring from recovery.

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that give me an idea though… adding backupd* to the restricted software list may do it..


@j.bohman Did that work for you? I'm looking into disabling Time Machine for ours users also.

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I'm wondering if in the Time Machine Backup configuration profile payload option, if you set the limit to 1 megabyte if that would stop it..

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adding backups* to the restricted software did work till the latest Jamf release...
then the process started popping errors every 20 sec.. as the backup process was re-spawning... so semi back to square 1...
still have the time machine app blocked in restricted software.. and that helps...
but still get the TM popup when new drives are attached...

I did look at tweaking the /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/com.apple.backupd-helper.plist as there's a RunAtLoad key set to true...
but no joys there.. OS locked it..