Dockutil Question

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I'm pushing out a dockutil script nested in the outset login-once folder, for AD users....

I have a couple of lines in the script adding: ~/Documents and ~/Downloads

Both are now showing up as Locked folders. To be clear, they are tagged as such, but still work. In other words, each has the red stop signal on them, but all contents can be listed.

I thought this was maybe a timing thing, maybe the icon was being pulled early, so I added a "sleep 5" to the script to no avail.

Any ideas?


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It would seem to be running it not in user context when called like that.
I am making the same calls but just using a script from a LaunchAgent (with a simple flag file to tell if it has been run previously) and it certainly works fine like that.

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Hmm, thanks @look I'll check that out.