Dual Boot Catalina / Windows 10 Deployment Workflow

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Greetings fellow Jamf-ers (yes that is a technical term). I come to the community today to once again revisit that daunting workflow of a Dual Boot MacMini. We all now lots has changed over the past few years. A lot more has moved to the cloud more than ever (coughpandemiccough). But now we have JamfPro in the cloud, we have InTune on the Microsoft Side, we have cloud distro points. Lions, tigers, and bears... Ohh my... We have intel MacMinis, we have M1 devices.

But here at my university, we are still rolling out dual boot intel machines till the cows come home (yeah little play on tech companies Gateway). But in today's infrastructure, how is everyone rolling out a dual boot intel Mac mini? We have a cloud hosted JamfPro server with cloud distro. We are running Intune in Azure with endpoint manager supporting our cloud / hybrid joined windows machines. We are using JamfConnect for logging in to Macs with O365/Azure logins. We recently suffered a infrastructure failure on campus that left to us loosing our SCCM servers where we could deploy windows that way to our macminis. We used a stripped winclone image that was installed via package, then when rebooted to windows SCCM would complete the win10 install. But we are without the SCCM side and probably won't be returning.

So what I would like to hear is how my colleagues in the trenches are solving this task.


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We use Winclone Pro to create a PXEBoot package deployed through Jamf that allows us to boot into the MDT server we use for our Windows machines. From there it's more or less identical to setting up a Windows machine (In our environment). We don't have access to InTune/Azure or any cloud distribution points though so I'm not sure what (if any) extra steps would be necessary for your situation. But that might be something to look at.