Emails for Comments on posts I've participated in

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How come I get an email telling me there has been a comment on a post I have participated in when the comment was made by me? That doesn't make any sense to me. If I made the comment on the post I obviously know there was an update to the post and shouldn't need an email telling me I made a comment...


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I haven't seen this myself, but my email subscription setting is to get all individual emails on posts on threads as they come through. Is that what you have or do you have it set to receive only a digest + the "when someone comments on posts I've participated in" option?

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Are these emails coming to you from threads you may have "bookmarked"? I know I get those emails based on the check mark @mm2270 described.

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I don't have any bookmarked threads. The only option I have checked is "Send email notifications when I am @mentioned in a post, when someone comments on posts I've participated in, and on items I've bookmarked". I even get emails if I create a new thread saying "Emails for Comments on posts I've participated in"

Below is a screenshot of the email I received immediately after creating this thread

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I assume it is because some people may read an entire thread in their email client without coming to the web site, and thus it may be a helpful memory aid to have all posts.