Even if I remove jamf, the profile in System Preferences is still disabled.

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I am using Jamf to disable the profile in System Preferences.

On one of the terminals, Jamf behaved unnaturally, so I used the remove framework to remove Jamf from the terminal once.
However, the profile in System Preferences is still disabled.

If I understand correctly, manual Jamf enrolment should not work in this state.

Also, for some reason, I can still see the target device in Jamf admin.
But I can't delete or remotely wipe the MDM from the management screen.

The Jamf command doesn't already exist in the terminal of the terminal.

Is there any good solution for this?


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you need to reinstall the jamf profile/binary on that machine, first run the command 'removeMdmProfile' & then run the command to 'removeFramework'

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@Hugonaut Thank you. I already don't have Jamf on my terminal, so I can't use the jamf command.
When I try to install it again, it won't install because the profile is disabled.

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Take a look at the solution in this post.