Extension Attribute for to see what FDP client is point to?

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Does anyone know of a way to see what distribution point a client is using? I would like to capture this info as an extension attribute so that we can use it for troubleshooting purposes.


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that info will only be valid at time of inventory if you use an EA so may bear no relevance to current info.
We set up buildings to match our subnets, and of course DP is linked to the subnets. One of the settings makes the building value update if it changes on subnet change so that can let you work out which distro is in use. or extending that out if you don't need buildings create buildings for your distros and link them up.

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We have a text file on each DP containing the hostname of the server, a local script that that runs daily and curls the content of the file to a local text file, EA scoops up the value.

Immensely useful in troubleshooting, especially when you have dozens of RHEL DPs behind a load balancer. :)