Feature request: Warn about missing packages before imaging a system


In our environment we have multiple locations, each with a server of its

I recently had created an updated OS package but had forgotten to copy it to
one remote server although I had updated the configuration.

The workstation admins were struggling for a couple of days trying to get a
Mac re-imaged and eventually called me for help. After a few hours of
troubleshooting, re-imaging, testing and troubleshooting some more I
realized the Mac OS was not getting installed. Then I realized my mistake.

However, all of this could have been avoided if I'd simply had a warning
from Casper telling me a package couldn't be installed because it couldn't
be found and not reboot the system. The jamf.log file on both the Restore
and Macintosh HD disks doesn't even show that the Mac OS package gets
installed whether or not it gets installed successfully.

We're using Casper 4.1.

I'd like to see an option in Casper Local that allows me to specify that
failed installs of any package be displayed at the end of imaging a system
(or just installing software) and that the system not be rebooted. After
reading the error message, I'd like to have the option to continue the
reboot, reboot to the Restore partition or cancel.

-- William M. Smith, Technical Analyst
Digital Information Systems Support
Merrill Communications, LLC
(651) 632-1492