Finding computers managed by a certain account

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We have some computers in our JSS that got Recon'ed by a specific LDAP
user who is no longer here. Is there anyway to identify all computers
that are not managed by a certain account? When I search inventory I only
have the option to see if the computer is managed or unmanaged.

I know there's the option to change a certain SSH account to a new one,
but that requires the password of the old account.



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I know where to find it on an individual computer record, but I want to be
able to search based on this.


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Seems to be the hot topic of the week but maybe a dummy package would be
ideal for this. Deploy a dummy package (a blank package) then create
another one that runs a script. If the script shows false or true on
whatever value you want it to look up, then have it trigger the dummy
package. Then you can create a smart group off of the receipts of that
dummy package and apply a new policy to change whatever you want it to

Set your dummy package to a custom trigger and have your script policy
trigger it if it shows its managed by so and so and then you can build
your smart group off of those receipts for that dummy package.

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