Giving me a temporary admin rights in Self Service via script

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As a user i can give myself temporary admin by opening SelfService>Security>Install(Temporary admin rights for 10 min). So i was thinking to make some script that will be able to do such thing so i dont have to go in Self Service all the time to do so. Is something like that possible?


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I think what your referring too is the MakeMeAdmin script

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Sorry i forgot to mention that i need it for mac and i think i tested all MakeMeAdmin(py) scripts and they work only when i already have admin rights 


Aside from the make me an admin script there is also the SAP Privileges App. This requires a once off install onto the computer and then can be used to elevate from standard to admin. The App can be packaged to install from self service so a standard user can install the application.   

Just to clarify, are a JAMF admin looking to provide an alternative option for admin rights elevation? Or a user looking for options to elevate your rights for longer? 

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We (users) can ask for permanent admin rights but you need really good reason for it or just elevate our rights in Self Service for 10 min and you can do it as many times as you need it. 

What troubles me is that i'm usually working in terminal and often need sudo something but then i need to do all manual things to elevate my rights. So i was wondering if there is such a script that will allow me to do that without moving my hands of keyboard. 

It sounds like your environment is intentionally locked down and the make me an admin script has been put in place by your admins to offset. My suggestion would be to engage with your IT department, explain what you are trying to do. It may result in the duration being extended or review of settings that are roadblocks to functionality. 

Personally if I had a user come back to me with concerns about functionality I would assess and review to see what can be done to assist but still stay within our device security regulations.   

Most of the options that would be presented in this forum are geared towards other JAMF admins not users.