Griffin Multidock Charging Issues

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I saw that a few users here have made use of the Griffin Multidock and I'm curious to see if any of you have experienced any charging issues? We have one that is used for a checkout iPad system, so it syncs with Apple Configurator and charges. Lately we've been experiencing issues with the Multidock not charging the iPads. Granted, it is old (roughly 3 years or more), but still, it should still be able to charge I would think. We can disconnect the multidock from the computer, or restart it's power and that will restart the charging process. Has anyone else experienced something similar and what solutions have you found? Thanks!


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I don't have experience with the Multidock 1 product, but I can tell you the Multidock 2 is not a terribly reliable product. I have about 150 of them deployed in our facilities, and we've had many many issues. Most every one has had to be opened up and had its fuse replaced by our facility engineers, I've had to have several swapped out for charging ports dying, and a few dozen or so have bad ports and aren't worth the hassle to get replaced.

Approach with caution. We went with Griffin over Bretford to save a little $$$, and its not working out very well for us.