HELP with Chrome Version 80

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I been having an issue with Google Chrome. No matter how I try to push Chrome it will not open I have in the sharing and permissions it does not list the owner of the device. When I manually add it it works.


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How are you installing it? They just released a signed PKG which is really the best way to go.

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I've run into this same issue from time to time, but it was never 100% consistent. But I did see cases of pushing an otherwise perfectly valid package of Chrome created in Composer where the application would not open afterwards. Sometimes re-pushing it would fix it. Sometimes the app had to be manually copied over. Other times the issue wasn't there at all. I never did figure out what the root issue was.

Like @andrew.nicholas mentioned, they just released a valid vendor created and signed package installer that I think anyone deploying Chrome should switch over to using. Besides the convenience factor of not needing to create your own package installer, it's also signed and notarized, which are important considerations going forward when deploying applications.

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For what it's worth and while it likely won't impact many, I ran into an issue with the package that Google provides on my machine. If the Google is available anywhere else other than /Applications the install will fail. I've been chatting with a Chrome developer the last two days about this. He seems perplexed about what's going on and basically it's marked as not getting fixed because it's pretty unlikely in our environment that it would be an issue.

The reason it's an issue on my system is because I was using autopkg to automate creating a package for Chrome and it leaves Google on the system in the cache directory. Other ways this could be an issue are if someone has it located in ~/Applications or simply copied it to their ~/Desktop out of the previous dmg that Google still provides. Basically if Google is anywhere on the same volume it will cause the enterprise installer to fail.

I don't know if this is simply something that they're doing wrong, somehow unique to my system, or a fluke with Apple's installer. I could only test this on my system since I'm doing the work at home thing.

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I think this is what is happening with our installs. They are randomly failing with the PKG on a couple of machines with the following in the Jamf Policy logs: installer: Installing at base path /
installer: The install failed (The Installer encountered an error that caused the installation to fail. Contact the software manufacturer for assistance.)

A lot of our students have Chrome outside the Applications folder as well as inside it, so this is definitely an issue. (If this is the cause.)

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@GSquared I have a link in this thread that mentions this experience and has a link to Google's bug entry for it. At first it didn't look like a fix would be made as they didn't understand it but now it looks like they've figured things out and are working on it.

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Issue has been fixed in CRBug and it should roll out soon

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Issue has been fixed in CRBug and it should roll out soon

That doesn't seem to be the same issue. I have this issue and even with the latest Google packaged ver OP any resolution?