High CPU usage with Sophos Endpoint and Cisco AnyConnect VPN

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Hey there,

we have the problem on some computers that the CPU usage is up to over 100% by Sophos Endpoint when the Cisco client is also installed. Does anyone know the problem or even have a solution for it?


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From some light reading I have seen some threads saying Sophos Network Extension was using 150% CPU with Big Sur 11.2.1 and Sophos I have not seen any solutions, but a lot of chatter that would cause me to reach out to the vendor to save a lot of head ache.


If you're seeing this in Big Sur, try adding the hosts to the M1 EAP program in your Sophos Console. That has resulted in better performance so far for us. You can add Intel Macs too.

Sophos is a nightmare for us this year. Their documentation on the matter has not helped us. BS 11.4 + EAP have, but it's a workaround and not a solution to Sophos' issues.

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Thanks @kevin, i give it a try πŸ™‚