Historical data?

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Does JAMF (Cloud) keep any historic data for old users?

Example scenario - User A has left the company. The Mac is then wiped and re-issued to user B. 

We need to know if User A had Time Machine enabled and whether User A's Filevault was enabled. 

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@gussanchez The only way you'd find that information would be to extract the computer record for the Mac in question from a backup of your JSS database. That would require you to request a copy of the database from Jamf Support, and it would need to happen fairly quickly after User A left as I believe the retention period of the backups is 30 days (or less).

The FileVault status should be available as a standard datapoint gathered by Jamf Pro, the info on Time Machine being active would require you to have had an active EA gathering that information while User A was using the machine.

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Two ways we avoid this:
1) We have found it easier to not use JAMF as historical data but sync JAMF info with SnipeIT.  This has helped and we can sync with API any fields we want.  We use SnipeIT as our Inventory control and check in and out all assets whether they are Apple products or not. 
2) we run custom report with the data that we need sent to an email three times a week.  So we can easily retrieve this information this way as well. This data has been useful, since we have these as dated csv files. 

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interesting.. can you share the code used for API from JAMF to SnipeIT

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So the JAMF to SnipeIT is based off of the script below from the creators of SnipeIT.  We had to customize it for our environment.  Plus, I will need to change over to bear tokens soon for it.  But it has worked for years.  
For this to work you plan your inventory controls in Snipe-IT and have more computers in there. We have computers that we have purchased with zero-touch in Snipe-IT but not in JAMF until they are deployed.  Plus Snipe-IT logs helps us see who previously had the computer.