How to connect jamf nation to my company's Jamf Pro?

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This may be a newbie question but I have looked everywhere: 

Initially I was trying to get Jamf Tools: after some googling, it says I will need jamf nation account and go to My Assets.

I create a jamf account for myself but ofcourse, no subscription hence no tools.

My workplace uses Jamf Pro. I thought I can connect the two together and download the tools I will need.


How do I connect the two together so I can use their subscription and download the jamf tools?


If you say, "you dont connect your personal jamf nation account to their company's Jamf Pro":

1. Do you create a new jamf nation account for each company you work with?

2. My initial thought was I would use my jamf nation account -connect it to work email-work company and get the subscription and once I move to a new company, I would "un-link" and connect to theirs instead of creating bunch everywhere. Another reason I thought of using my jamf nation account is to have my certification in all in one place.


It would be great help if someone can give me answer to this issue! Thank you everyone!


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Hi @sudoErase, so when logged into, you'll see that there are 2 email address locations, called "Jamf ID Email" and "Company Email" For the latter one, make sure to update that with your actual company email address if you haven't already. Your main email address (Jamf ID Email) can be a personal one if you want to keep it that way. (That's how mine is set up)

After that's in place, you may need to reach out to Jamf, like an account manager or the customer success specialist if you have contacts for them, and ask them to make sure your Jamf ID is connected to your company's assets. I think if I recall correctly, they will send some type of verification email to the company email you've entered to confirm the authenticity.

I hope that helps get you on the right track.