IOS Wi-fi set to specific SSI

New Contributor

Hi everyone, quick enquiry. I have a lab of 40 iPads that keep falling of the required Service Set Identifier and moving onto our free service _The_Cloud.

I know you can create a wifi payload for TTLS and PEAP as long as you provide a username and password. however I'd like to be able to create a configuration profile for IOS that will:

1) Only see a certain Service Set Identifier.
2) Keep the Username & Password field clear, forcing the user to authenticate with their Active Directory credentials.
3) (BONUS ONE as I'm not sure it's possible) Clear the previous Username & Password field after a restart so it’s blank for the next user.

I have tried to create (1&2) but each time I leave the Username / Password field blank and press save. The config profile fails. When I return to the profile, it has populated the Username / Password fields with the account I’m logged into the JSS with?

In the future I hope to log them in with a Wifi service account and then assign apple id's to the Active Directory accounts via Apple School manager. For now though, I need some visibility of who's on each device. I thought the best option would be to authenticate via their Active Directory accounts through the Wifi.

Any thoughts or help appreciated. Thanks in advance!