Is there a way to make the share point invisible?


Now that we are back to school, there is a flurry of updates being pushed to our students' laptops, and as they are being installed, they see the CasperShare volume (which looks like a folder) mount on their desktop. Many of them are confused and are immediately trashing it which causes the update to fail. Is there a way to either:
1) Make the share invisible?
2) Make it so it cannot be unmounted?
3) Change the share name so it says "Do Not Touch"?


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Casper already makes the share invisible, at least I can confirm on 10.7 and 10.8 (man mount; look for nobrowse flag).


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Or, configure your distribution point for http, and make that be the default for policies, so they never see the share mount. http isn't as fast as AFP or SMB, but it does give you resumable downloads...

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You might try the equivalent of

defaults write ShowMountedServersOnDesktop 0

on a per-user basis via managed preference or configuration profile


Pardon my ignorance, but where in Casper would I be able to change the nobrowse flag?

We have had problems with HTTP in the past so I am reluctant to use that.

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You can't affect how the jamf binary mounts a share during a policy, at least not to my knowledge. its using some kind of built in commands.
That said, what version of the JSS are you on? It was my understanding that most recent versions didn't mount the share visibly on client systems, and in fact, we've seen that the DMG (when using those) also doesn't mount visibly in recent versions, which is something it used to do annoyingly. So perhaps you're still on an older release?


All of our Macs are 10.7 and we just upgraded to JSS 9.01, but we have always seen the mount point even on 8.6.