Jamf binary self-heal with the Jamf API

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Has anyone had any experience with the new "self-heal" functionality in API? We've run into an issue with a bunch of devices lately that lose their device certificate, and need to be manually enrolled again.

Wondering if I'd be able to script this out to a smart group I have set up for devices with no recent inventory.


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There is a Jamf blog post on this plus checkout https://snelson.us/2022/08/jamf-binary-self-heal-via-terminal/

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This is another simple blog post explaining self-heal: https://www.modtitan.com/2022/02/jamf-binary-self-heal-with-jamf-api.html

BUT - it has nothing to do with devices losing APNS certificate and needing to enroll again. If this is your situation @urushi please elaborate a bit more (how long since the lost it for example), but unfortunately self-healing the agent won't assist with recovering MDM managment.