Jamf Compliance Editor not uploading Configuration profile anymore

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Hi ! 

I use Jamf Compliance editor and recently the "Upload" feature doesn't upload anymore the configuration profiles. It used to work very well until like 2 weeks ago.

Scripts and extension attributes are uploaded without any issue though.

JCE doesn't raise any alerts when uploading. But I can see in the change log in JAMF that only scripts and extension attributes are uploaded, no mention of configuration profiles.

API roles and permissions seems fine, at least as per the documentation.

Any idea ?


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I'd suggest opening a ticket with Jamf. Unfortunately, that tool is not widely used. Even we stopped using it and moved to pay services that automate all of this with proper security clients. Really if JAMF wanted to take this compliance editor seriously, they would bake it in to Jamf Pro or Jamf Protect. 

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I have been using the product this past week with zero issues. Are you on the latest version? And have you tried another account besides your API account? Also there is the MacAdmins slack channel for the macOS Security Compliance and you may find some more help there because it's filled with Indvidual's who use it and who've created it.

Yes I'm using the last version 1.2.1.

I'll try with another account and check if I see any diff