Jamf Pro - Microsoft InTune integration

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Our company has multiple office across the globe, with multiple independent Jamf Pro servers hosted on-prem in different regions (for example, we have a Jamf Pro server in our US office managing our US Mac fleet; we have another in the UK managing our UK Mac fleet, etc etc). Each Jamf Pro instance operates (and is administered) in a fully independent fashion, meaning that there is no relationship/inter-linkage or common administration between these Jamf Pro instances.

We also have a single Office 365 Tenant used by all of our offices.

My question:
- If we license Microsoft InTune in that Office 365 Tenant, would each of our independent Jamf Pro servers be able to integrate with that single InTune instance ?


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I think this is not possible.
We are using a single Jamf Pro server with Intune Integration and wanted to migrate the server to a new Jamf Pro server.
It would be easier for us, if we could operate both Jamf Pro server at the same time (at least until all devices were migrated).

But Jamf Support told us, this is not possible. Only ONE Jamf Pro server can connect to Intune at the same time. (So we need to disable Intune Integration on the old server, even the old Jamf Pro server is still running.)

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Thanks hansjoerg.watzl

We've been in contact with the Jamf Account team and believe there may be a Connector solution in development which will address this limitation. I guess we'll need to hang back for now to see what they deliver.