Jamf Remote to Push Package with Jamf Cloud Environment?

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We just switched to Jamf Cloud this school year. I just went to push out a package to a single computer using Jamf Remote and realized it wouldn't. The computer was on our district network, so I can ssh to it and screen share to it. I know this concept won't work for those MacBooks that students have on their home networks.

However, when I tried using Jamf Remote to push the package, it tried to make the ssh connection to the "IP address" reported by the MacBook, which, of course, is the external IP address of our district network. When we connect to any local MacBook, we need to use the "Reported IP Address" in order to get the actual local IP address.

Is there any way to get Jamf Remote to use the "Reported IP Address" to make the connection? Oddly, when I search in Jamf Remote by this local IP address, that is what shows up in the IP address column. However, when Jamf Remote goes to make the ssh connection to the MacBook it switches to using the external address.

Thanks for any insight you can provide?


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@musat Jamf Remote should eventually (2 minutes?) timeout on the "IP address" connection attempt then try the "Reported IP address". I do not know of any way to make it skip the 1st and only try the 2nd.