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I just saw this article on MacRumors showing a whole hospital doing near precisely what we're doing in my school district, and so naturally I'm dying to peek under the hood and see how they implemented this deployment. In our case there was quite a lot of grunt work subnetting to make things work just the way we want, and a user interaction is required each time a device changes rooms. Does anyone have any further technical details, if that's even something that Jamf is discussing or willing to disclose?



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Great, hi! So we have 3 AppleTVs in each classroom, as well as at least one high density 802.11ac access point. In order to ensure a reliable airplay connection from iPad to display, I've configured our network such that each room exists on its own subnet. Moreover, each AppleTV is physically connected over ethernet, and that switch port is on the same subnet as the wireless devices. With Jamf, this gives us the added bonus of being able to use network segments to trigger management choices since we know based on the third octet of a device exactly what room they are in.

There are downsides, though. Each time a device moves from one room to another, the user has to toggle wifi off and on again to pick up the new room's IP scope. Additionally, and for some reason I'm not so clear on, people can actually see other subnet's AppleTVs which I thought would never happen since they're on different networks.

I would love to pick your brain as to the ins and outs of your deployment to see if there's something you did that we didn't, if you're running into these same -albeit minor- issues, or what have you.