Local user profile migration to new computer

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Hi Folks,

We used run the past both user migration assistant and time machine backups without any issues. Lately though, it is appearing both of these processes break the management of the new computer.

Do any of you have a tried and true way of migrating of a user’s folder from one Mac to another?

I ask because after we have imaged or enrolled a NEW Mac and then we try to move a user folder, a variety of methods have been tried to move a user folder (profile) to this new Mac, all JSS management components seem to be broken on the new Mac.

We have tried doing this with time machine back ups, we have tried with user migration using the migration assistant as well, from one Mac to another.

For some reason, the computer JSS information is being broken on the new laptop after the migration process is complete.




Here is one way that we do that:

Create a user with the same name and password on the new computer.
Log in and log out the create the user folder.
Overwrite the folder created in the Users folder with the old one using a different admin user account.
Log in to the new computer again.
If there are any keychain issues, you can either create a new keychain or attempt to repair the old one.

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Easiest way (replace username with the desired name):
1. Copy the users folder to /Users/username
2. Delete /Users/username/Library/Keychains/
3. Create user with shortname username
4. in Terminal enter: chown -R username:staff /Users/username
5. Login as new user

Note that step 2 will remove any saved passwords. While not completely necessary, I have had issues when I did not perform that step.