Mac apps App Store: install, update and troubleshoot

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Hello !

I didn't find a suitable answer anywhere, but found the same subject: app store apps don't update on some Mac computers. What I would like is to know how can I check what happens and how Mac Apps App Store work to install and update apps. Where are the logs, when does Jamf checks an applies the updates or installations, etc... Recently, I have the problem with NFC Tools for Desktop and Microsoft Office 365 apps.

What I tried is: disable then enable the Mac app, remove the scope then add it back, disable the assign content purchased in volume then enable it back too and of course a mix of everything. Of course, I save after each modification. I even tried trough the Self Service but if the app is installed, it only shows open, not update. But I think that it's how it works. And if I delete the app, it doesn't install back when I click on the button in Self Service. The scope is correct because the app appears if I switch from automatic install to Self Service.

And if I let it to install automatically, remove the app then run a jamf recon, it doesn't install. Except that the next day, it magically appears in the applications folder. I heard that Mac Apps checks at inventory update, each day. I have a policy that does it automatically each day, and the same in Self Service. But it doesn't work when I force through the self service policy.

Once again, I removed an app yesterday and it didn't install back (NFC Tools as test). This morning, it appeared and now that I removed it, it still doesn't come back...



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I think the exact workflow is a "Apple Secret" ... I havent found any documentation either.

Just wondering if you have activated the "Mac App Store" Updates in the System Preferences / Softwareupdate?

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No, I didn't but I'll give it a try. But isn't it through Jamf that the App store apps should update as they are managed with it ?