macOS onboarding Pre stage enrollment difference

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I'm looking at the macOS onboarding tool and wondering what the major differences are between this and prestage enrollment. thinking it might be just the fact that we can control what apps, profiles and policies get installed AFTER enrollment. Am I wrong?


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IMO, its currently designed for running during user-initiated enrollments.  The hope is that improvements in the coming versions will be also designed for Pre-stage enrollments.

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Hey @danlaw777 ! The macOS onboarding tool does share similarities with prestage enrollment, but one of the key distinctions is indeed the ability to control the installation of apps, profiles, and policies post-enrollment. With the onboarding tool, you have the flexibility to tailor the user experience and configurations based on your specific needs, making it a bit more dynamic compared to prestage enrollment. It's a great feature for post-enrollment customization, ensuring a smoother and more personalized user onboarding process. Let me know if you have more questions or if there's anything specific you're curious about! 👍

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