macOS update policy.


EDIT - I had the policy set to not run between certain hours. All is good.

I have a policy setup that should force a Mac to update via Apple Update Servers but I cannot get the policy to trigger. My test machines say the policy is applied however it doesn't appear to be running. I left a machine sitting for 3 hours and no updates were installed (machine definitely needed updates). The message I have set did not pop up. I am sure I am overlooking something here. We don't have a SUS, we simply just want to force our Macs to update to the latest version of the installed OS every monthly patch maintenance windows.


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Care to share that policy, sir?


@Goose02 Not sure how to share it but I can type it out?

Create a new policy

General settings I have it set to trigger at login and reoccuring checkin once per computer

I have a time and date setup to make the policy available

It's scoped to all PCs

I have the software update payload added set to grab updates from Apple

Restart Options payload I have set to restart if package requires it for no users logged in and set to do not restart for user logged in

On the user interaction tab I allow deferral but have the deferral set to expire after 3 days. I also have set appropriate messages.

Tested the policy out, works fine.

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Any chance you've figured out what the issue is?

I'm running into the same issue at my place.