Malware in web browser extensions

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Hi Guys,

I was checking into see if anyone has been seeing a climb in web browser malware being installed through browser extensions? Causing pop ups to appear when on a web browser? If so is there a script I can create to be proactive so our faculty members can avoid the issue?



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@mmartinez, which browser(s)?

Oh & FWIW, Safari keeps a record of extensions in the users keychain:

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Lot of fake Flash installers out there that install adware et. al.

Site that discusses a lot of these issues, including how Apple is starting to crack down on the Adware with Protect, at

Adware Medic is useful tool to run to clean up affected systems.

But it's not scriptable. You may want to consider writing an Extension Attribute which looks for the presence of some of the files associated with this malware, then you can write scripts to remove it, scoped to a Smart Group matching the EA.