Missing Dock or delayed Dock launch at login after update to macOS 12.6.1

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We have a handful of users having Dock issues after updating from macOS 12.5 to 12.6.1. At login the Dock will take several minutes to launch or never appear at all. Sometimes a restart will bring the dock back, otherwise manually invoking a DockLib script will give it back. Has anyone seen this issue in their environment?


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Hi, we have around 10 clients with the exact same behaviour on macOS 12.6.2 Did you find a cause or even a solution for the issue?

We have over 4000 Macs running 12.6.x and only a small number of missing dock reports. Since then macOS 12.6.3 has been released and deferrals expired for macOS 13.x. After upgrading to Ventura the users report that the dock is functioning as expected. Not sure if it was just a bug in macOS 12.6.x.


A few affected users have 

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Had the same problem here on many macbook.

I tried to upgrade to Ventura but the problem is still here. I had a policy I use to set up the dock.

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Hello again, after quite some time now we figured out that on all machines this issue accured on, you could bring the dock back immediately with just a click on OneDrive in the menubar. Worked a couple of times now, next problem is that this does not seem to be version specific as we have one client with the problem on OneDrive version 23.043.0226 and one client without the problem on the same version. We don't control MS updates anymore and if I am not mistaken the update cycles for OneDrive and Teams are different from the rest of the apps anyway. Long story short, maybe you guys can verify if this works for you next time you encounter this issue.


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I have a Macbook Pro @ Ventura 13.1 and the dock items disappear for new accounts created after my local admin account, and the first account created through Jamf Connect. The new accounts only have Finder and Trash on the dock.


If I reset the dock it will bring it back, but Keynote, Numbers, and Pages will show up as question marks.


If I log in with the first two accounts created the dock has all items available.