Mojave Upgrade issues

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Hi All,

I know this has been spoken about before but I cant seem to get it to work. I am basically trying to have the update done through Self Service (user initiated). I am setting up the 2 policies...1 to install the Mojave pkg and 1 to trigger the install. I cant connected the 2 and keep getting errors. The errors I get are: Mojave pkg will be deleted and jamf will come back with an error saying it can not be installed and to contact support. Ive attached some screen shots of the 2 policies...I am missing something and dont know where...Thanks!!!!!

I am using this script here in the Mojave Install Trigger Policy I created.

My thought process is.....Package policy will install and will be activated by self service, then Mojave Install Script will be triggered by the Package Policy and the user wont have any interaction after the initial Self Service "Click"e24d2e166d7446fca367a63852491e11



Hi Jb17!,

Do you have a custom trigger on the download-mj-install policy that is listed as download-mj-install?

The macOSUpgrade script is looking for that custom trigger, not the name of the policy so that may be an issue that is occurring.

Checking your scoping as well to ensure your test machine can see both policies is also worth checking.

I believe the script also has some issues at the moment in relation of the upgrade from 10.13.6 to 10.14 needing administrator credentials mentioned in these two threads under the Issues of the project.

Hope this helps.

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Thanks for the response. I do have a trigger for that. Its through Self Service. Ill take a look at those links. Thanks again!