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Hi I am try to setup a Netboot Server and integrate it into an existing office network which the hosts are on a different subnet than the server, DHCP helpers on the particular test VLAN are in place yet I cant get the hosts to boot to the netboot. There is another DHCP server in the network to hand out IP addressing and it seems in the logs that a DHCPDISCOVER is being received from that DHCP server that there are no leases available.
Sep 25 15:57:49 isp-osb-netsus1 dhcpd: DHCPDISCOVER from 00:50:56:a8:xx:xx(the other DHCP server) via eth0: network 10.xx.0.0/16: no free leases
The host which is 10.xx.65.4 gives this error Sep 25 15:59:25 isp-osb-netsus1 dhcpd: DHCPREQUEST for 10.xx.65.4 from 40:6c:8f:10:74:xx via 10.xx.65.254: unknown lease 10.xx.65.4.
any idea how to make these DHCP servers work together?
I have these subnets configured in the netsus


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@scharman What is the NetBoot Server?

  1. OSX
  2. BSDPy
  3. NetSUS

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A NetSUS appliance running Ubuntu 14.0.4

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anyone have any idea at all?

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Sorry, I don't have anything more specific other than I know a number of folks (there are certainly JAMF nation threads) regarding difficulties with the NetSUS and booting across subnets.