NetSUS 4.0.0 SUS not downloading new than 10.5.8


Hi Guys,

I have just setup a Netsus on an Ubuntu VM, all appears to be ok except that the SUS server has not downloaded anything newer than 10.5.8 in terms of OS X updates, it has the latest Remote Desktop etc weirdly...

I have tried to have a look at the reposado.plist in /var/lib/reposado but the file appears to be empty even if I am ssh'd in as root. Anyone got any ideas? When I click manually sync as well it seems to do nothing... I am not quite sure how to clear the current info and re-download which is what I wanted to try next...

NetSUS 4.0.0
Distributor ID: Ubuntu
Description: Ubuntu 14.04.4 LTS
Release: 14.04
Codename: trusty


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Honored Contributor II

@Treger you can re-create the preference file using the Reposado utilities. The command is:

repoutil --configure

You can find more about the preference file here: Reposado Preferences


@stevewood thanks, I will give that a shot and see how it goes!


Ok, I have managed to run a manual sync and see what the terminal is returning:

Error 23: Failed writing body (7400 != 16384)

Apparently this means this happens when a piped program (e.g. grep) closes the read pipe before the previous program is finished writing the whole page.

So it looks like the catalog urls are not up to date:

<key>AppleCatalogs</key> <array> <string></string> <string></string> <string></string> <string></string> <string></string> </array> <key>CatalogEntry</key> <dict>

I will add the extras in and hopefully that should resolve the issue.

Also we are hosting this on a VSphere setup, it would appear that everytime we install the VMware tools 24hrs later we cannot log into he web page, has anyone else seen this before? I can get to the server via SSH with both users that I have changed the password for but the web refuses any user and password combination.. anyone got ideas on that one?


Ok, I added them and I am still getting this:

Downloading 144248215 bytes from
Could not replicate Error 23: Failed writing body (0 != 7240)

Although now it has created the catalog files for the higher OS X catalogs but still seems to have no write access...