New Adobe Install Setup - on server but not in Casper Admin

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I've been having some odd problems adding software to our JSS server and want to see if there is a quick fix as it is usually a day or two process to get things replicated across our servers from our master server since the replicas are scattered across the USA.

Today I followed the New Adobe install directions step by step. I added the main (largest) disk image of CS4 into Casper Admin and waited for it to copy up to the JSS server. I used ARD to remote into the server and verified that the disk image was there, and there is only light network activity on both my side and the server side, and the image size is what I would expect for a completed copy. The directions said that the info window would open up, but it did not. So I found the file I copied in Casper Admin under Adobe Installer Images and clicked Info. It had the applications listed, so I clicked ok and went to New Adobe Install - but it did not give me any choice and just opened a window pointing to a CS3 image (which is also on the server in the same directory). Now I am lost. I can see the disk image on the master server. When I connect Casper Admin to that same server, it does not see it.

I sent into the JSS web application and looked under the Casper Admin area in there. It did show up and i was able to add a manual package where I entered my serial number, suppressed EULA and dock icons, I checked all the applications I wanted installed, etc. Now I can see the package in both the web version of JSS as well as the Casper Admin application. So far, so good.

Now, since we are doing a big roll out this week, I wanted to have both CS3 and CS4 available in Self Service. I had CS3 working fine in Self Service yesterday, so today I went in and created a new policy just like the CS3 self service policy. I never opened the CS3 self service policy I created. Now I go into the Self Service app, and it says No Self Service Items Are Available!

I have CS3 and CS4 images on my main JSS server.
I have the CS3 image on my local server.
Both CS3 and CS4 have a self service policy set up and are pointing to the correct packages and the scope is all managed computers, all IP ranges.

I went to one computer and it initially showed me the icons for both CS3 and CS4 installs. When I chose CS4, it acted like it was going to start, got a progress bar for a second, then put me back at the main page of Self Service - but with NO CS4 icon.

So I tried the CS3 install. Same thing. Quick progress bar, then back to the main page with no application installed and now a message that there are no self service items available.

Why is CS3 not working now, when it was fine yesterday and I did not touch anything in CS3 today? Why is CS4 not working at all?

I also have about 4 untitled Adobe installs now in the web version of Casper Admin that do not show up in the Casper Admin app. I'm afraid to touch them as I don't want to destroy anything else - we start rolling out the new images tomorrow. I can deal with teaching people to manually install CS3/4 - but I can't risk the images themselves. I'm not even sure where to begin to look to troubleshoot this.

Rich Barron