New to AutoPKG. How does handle FUT/FEU?

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Hi all,

I'm here to ask a rather elementary question. I'm looking to package an update to Chrome for our end-users machines and want to ensure all their prefs/bookmarks/plugins stay intact post update. If I use AutoPKG to create a chrome.pkg and upload into my JSS with JSS importer or even manually to Casper Admin, will that retain the users prefs, etc? Does it FEU/FUT? Basically how does AutoPKG handle FEU/FUT compared to Composer? Should I be using a .DMG format or .PKG?

Any input would be extremely helpful! Thanks again all!



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AutoPkg will runs whatever recipes you tell it to run. For Chrome, there are a few recipes out there but the two most commonly use will be the one that downloads Chrome and another recipe that makes a pkg out of the previously downloaded Chrome app. In other words, if you choose no other recipes then that's all that's taking place - you are packaging up a new version of Google Chrome.

In terms of FEU/FUT, AutoPkg doesn't handle that unless you have a recipe you've created that will automate these for you.

With Google Chrome, I would recommend you instead look at the following instead of relying on FEU/FUT:

Also, keep in mind that you can separate your Chrome app update and Chrome profile into different policies. In most cases, an older Chrome profile should work with newer versions of Chrome without a problem.

Sorry the advice here isn't awfully specific. But hopefully it will give you some ideas on how to approach what you're looking to do.