New Yosemite Netbook server - NFS mount issue


Sorry for the title, spellcheck is changing netboot to netbook

Hello Everyone, we've had an existing netboot server thats currently running 10.9 for awhile now. No real issues with it, but i figured i would replace that server with a newer mac mini with a clean yosemite load. I used to create our netboot images by hand, but this time used autocasperNBI. Really slick setup! I first placed the new NBI on the old netboot server and verified I was able to boot to it without issues. I then moved it to my new Yosemite netboot server and all my clients are KP'ing shortly after the spinning globe with a message about failing the NFS mount. Theres obviously some setting I am missing between the old server and the new one...any thoughts? Reading online thats usually caused by the share points being incorrectly mapped....i double checked the netbootsp0 folder path and it all looks good. From the server app under net install i can switch the way the image is served from NFS to HTTP and it completes the netboot fine. I've read online that NFS would be noticeably faster than http so i would like to get that working if possible....thanks for any ideas!



So, the mac mini has two 1TB hard drives...if I move the client data/images via the net install window to the Macintosh HD vs the DATA drive then clients boot properly. Move them back to the Data drive and i get the NFS mount error. I've verified user permissions are the same on both the data drive and mac hd via get info....not sure what other settings to look at as to why it won't work on the secondary drive.

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I'm having the exact same issues.

Made a new Netboot server that mirrored my former Netboot server. Only difference? One HDD instead of two.

Using NFS with one HDD = Kernel Panic.
using HTTP with one HDD = Fine


Thanks for responding Abdiaziz, at least I'm not alone....I feel like there is a permission or share setting that i am overlooking somewhere, but I've looked everywhere I can think. At this point, I'm just fine serving the netbook images from the Macintosh HD instead of the Data drive as they are both 1TB, its just puzzling why i can't have it served from the second drive via NFS.

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Have you tried mounting the NFS volume on another Mac, just to make sure

Maybe check /etc/exports to make sure the path is correct ?

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@spowell01 & @Abdiaziz How did you move the NetBoot folders?

Can you verify the permissions?


I didn't actually " move" the netboot folders...I created a library folder on the second drive with the same permissions as the Macintosh HD "library" folder. Server admin automatically creates the netboot folders from there when specifying the storage path. Permissions on both of the netboot folders are the same as the original server.


Is there an update to this issue?
i'm having the exact same issue with 10.13.2