No Name Computer records

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I have just upgraded to Casper 9.0 and a whole whack of computer records are showing up in inventory as "No name" with no other info displayed, when i go into the record the information is correct, and each broken record has the correct info for the computer but its not showing up in inventory correctly and i cannot do a search for info in them. There a plenty of other records that are showing up correctly in inventory.

Wondering if anyone else is having the same problem?


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You're not alone. I found 72 computers also showing up as "No Name" after our test upgrade to Casper Suite 9. And just as you found, the details view of each Mac has all the information it should on the systems, but they don't display this in the regular Inventory view. I ran across these because I noticed the JSS was stating there were 72 unmanaged systems, which I knew didn't make sense. We tend to have 0 unmanaged Macs in our JSS. I was able to pull up all these No Name Macs by doing an Advanced Search with criteria of "Managed > Is > Unmanaged"

I have no explanation as to what happened with these Macs. At least the details on each seems to be intact, but why they show up as unmanaged and why inventory display shows something entirely different than the details is a mystery to me.