OneDrive and VPP

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Hi All,
I'm working on getting OneDrive installed for our 10.11 users and was curious if anybody has done this recently. I'm worried about a few things: 1. This has been available in the App Store for awhile and a not insignificant number of users have already installed it on their own. 2. We need to restrict it to business only - any feedback on how this affects already installed clients setup for personal? I assume it will just stop syncing but leave the data...
3. For users who already have the app installed - how does the VPP push work? Does it overwrite the version they have? Does it just not deploy to that person?

I'm gonna start testing all this - just looking for any feedback from people who may have already gone through the process.




Hey Matt,

The personal versus Business is something that is control via Configuration Profile. I used the custom settings to make that happen. The 2 keys Im using are as follows:

EnableAddAccounts=true DefaultToBusinessFRE=true

If im correct on 10.11 if the person already has the app, as long as you check the box, Make app managed. It will turn the self installed app into a managed app.


Shawn Goetz

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Hi Matt

I've just started testing VPP also and Onedrive has been one of the applications i'm trying, here's what i've found so far.

If Onedrive was purchased through VPP then it will install automatically on 10.11 Macs if scoped to the machine (i haven't tested scoping to a user yet)

if a previous version of an application is installed it will not update it unless that application was installed using the same AppleID associated with your VPP (i haven't tested this part with onedrive, this testing was with a different application)

If a VPP installed application is deleted it will get re-installed, nice :)!

as i said this is all from my testing so it may not be how it's suppossed to work.

Re limiting Onedrive sign in to business use only i beleive you can run the following

defaults write SignInOptions 2

check out Administering Office 2016 for Mac, Part Deux
if you haven't already, around 1:07:00 is where the option you need is mentioned.

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Thanks all - appreciate the info. I'll definitely be pushing the config profile to limit to biz only - just curious how this works for currently installed personal setups. ( Also, wouldn't it be REALLY nice if you could side load stuff along with the VPP push?) :)

That's really cool about the "make app managed" definitely gonna test that out.


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Hi @mbezzo @sgoetz

Where is the "make app managed setting" on the JSS ?

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As far as I can see in my environment (9.92.14), "Make app managed" is only for iOS apps. If a MacOS app was already installed, it will stay attached to the AppleID that installed it. I don't think there is a way to report this in Casper though. Inventory collection only tells you whether or not the app is installed or not, not by which method or AppleID it was installed by.

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Thanks for looking @andykang ,

i think my best option is to scope the VPP policy to the Macs with the older non VPP version installed then delete the app and let VPP re-install the latest one.