OSX_Lion_is_a_POS...Now_SMB_doesn't_ work!

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We're also seeing this. It appears to be that Apple has changed the way the domain is displayed. However, I'm finding that while I get the "green light" in the Accounts pane, I get a "red light" at the loginwindow, though no changes have been made. If I log in with a local account, I can drop to Terminal and run a 'kinit <AD username>' and enter the AD password and a ticket is generated. The domain FQDN is displayed properly during the kinit process. So, I know the authentication itself works. I think it's something else that's broken.

We've got Apple Professional Services coming in specifically to look at our AD environment and get 10.6 and 10.7 working properly. In my view, it's a litmus test. We're paying them (they're not cheap either) to make sure it work. They're either going to show me something I didn't know or was doing wrong (fine with me) or confirm that it's broken and need to fix it.

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Sorry to hear everyone is having issues, mine are limited,

Do you have Aiprort on ? I found if i have airport on and ethernet then i get the red dot on the login window and can't login, as soon as i disable wireless it works,

No other issues with AD, all works

I have kerberos issues, i get a (null)@DOMAIN.AC.UK tickets and so have to re-authenticate every time, thou out may be linked to the next issue

I have KeyChain issues, my keychain is read-only and keychain first aid say its rwx* but should be rw*** but i can't fix, i think it might be linked to SMB as I am on an SMB share until we upgrade ExtremeZ-IP to 7.2 for Lion APF support


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Same Issues I am having with AD exactly!

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