Package Management - Info Field

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Ok.. I give! I've been working on cleaning up our JAMF installation and wondering what is meant by the text in the info field as shown below.

"Information to display to the administrator when the package is deployed or uninstalled"

Does that mean the text placed here appears somewhere at some time? Or is this just a note keeping field.

If it is just a note keeping field, what is different in this field from the one below it titled 'Notes'?

Thanks for any light you can shed!


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@npynenberg I think that fleld was intended to allow comments to be written to the log file when the package was installed. I don’t know if it ever actually did that, but at least as of Jamf Pro 99.100 it doesn’t.

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Thank you @sdagley

Makes sense to me. Won't put any effort into that field! :-)