Post VPP Apps Require Admin Credentials to Finish Secondary Install... Workaround?

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I am hopping someone might have a workaround for VPP programs such as GarageBand and Xcode that have a secondary install after the initial VPP download. I have tried to use the different levels in composer to create installers to trick to system but while they take away the download part of the install the programs still ask for admin credentials to complete a secondary setup. This is difficult as it forces me to touch 150+ iMacs when re-imaging is required.


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It is great that Apple does not follow their own rules for the App Store.

I don't know for Xcode but for GarageBand we grab each package that Apple installs during the secondary installation. We then package up those packages and run a policy to install the packages in a temp folder on the remote computer. A script then runs to install each individual package. The problem is that with every release of GarageBand these packages can change so you have to go through the whole process again. A bit confusing but it works.

Thank you Apple.