Problems creating High Seirra image for Deployment with AutoDMG and Jamf

New Contributor

I've been trying to create a new image of High Sierra so we can test and upgrade our current suite of macs from Sierra to the latest.

Currently, we have an OS package in Casper Admin of the Base OS and then all our individual applications/local admins/AD bind/SCCM Ednpoint etc go down after, in a configuration we use via netboot.

I've got High Sierra on a mac, and using AutoDMG i've tried dragging both the Install High and Install.esd into Auto DMG and letting it create an image, which it does fine.

But on importing the dmg into Casper Admin, is kicks it out and doesn't like it, although if using the dmg created with InstallESD it will accept it, but wont search it for an OS Installer.

I'm thinking that this is due to the AFPS stuff.

When i depoly the image to a mac using Netboot and custom configuration, the image seemingly goes down in seconds and then the mac wont boot, so it obviously isn't going down, even though the dmg is 4/5gb.

Any ideas?