Provisioning/Imaging Catalina MacBook Pro

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Hello Jamf Nation,

Please forgive me for my lack of technical term usage in this post but hoping someone could help me with a better process for setting up new MacBook Pros with my company's software.

In the past, we had a provision script that we would run that would bind the machine to our domain and would then install a few applications based on what policies we created. For example, we would install Office 365, Cisco AnyConnect, Teams, Adobe Creative Cloud, Suitcase Fusion (to name a few).

Since we are purchasing new machines that have Catalina, the script "broke" and doesn't install the apps and doesn't seem to bind the machine properly. Aside from fixing the script, is there a better way to provision/image new computers out of the box for Catalina? By this I mean, is it better to script just binding the machine and then adding into self service some kind of new computer setup that will add them all that way?

Looking for ways that have worked for the community here. Thanks everyone, and again, sorry if this doesn't make total sense here. I'm still new to all of this.