Questions for Support Series Device Enrollment Program (DEP) Webinar

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New Contributor III

As you may know, our Customer Success and Technical Support teams are partnering to deliver a Summer Support Webinar Series. The first topic is the Device Enrollment Program (DEP) and our teams will talk through best practices for Education customers. If you're not already registered, please so at the link above!

We will reserve a portion of the webinar for Q&A and are hoping to procure some of those questions beforehand. Please post any questions you have as individual comments and our presenters will do their best to answer them during the webinar.


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Valued Contributor III

I think going over troubleshooting tips/steps when DEP provisioning/policies triggered on the enrollmentComplete trigger for DEP machines don't work as expected would be very helpful.

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Maybe toss in requirements and troubleshooting for DEP on DMZ. Particularly ports/traffic, and LDAP lookups.


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Agree with @donmontalvo, ports/traffic, and LDAP communication.

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I was unable to attend the first one; it was smack in the middle of our leased computer pickup. Is there a recording available?