questions on how Find My works when Activation Lock is cleared (Mac)

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We currently have Activation Lock disabled in PreStage, and users are prevented from logging on to System Preferences with their Apple ID (personal Apple IDs, not MAIDs). However, we have not always had this in place and some users have enabled Find My. Further, for some Macs we are looking to fully decommission them and either sell to a reseller or give to employees (that is, remove from Jamf and ABM). An important note here is that a user isn't necessarily getting their old Mac, so they won't have the Apple ID creds.. So I have some questions on how this works to try to minimize work in either getting these out of Find My or identifying the ones that we can't clear:

1. If I wipe via Jamf and clear Activation Lock, does that also remove it from a user's Find My, or is that separate? That is, once that device is no longer in Jamf or my org's ABM and the device is wiped, will the user get either notice that it's in another user's Find My or be activation locked?
2. If the device is in a user's Find My, but also in my ABM, while opening a ticket with Apple just allow me to clear that activation lock incident, or will it also allow me to remove that device from the user's Find My, thus preventing the issue in the future?
3. Has anyone had luck with getting Apple to help them with this situation if the device was in their ABM, but didn't realize it was in someone's Find My. and released it already?


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I am also having a same issue. I need more about that.  Tell Tims