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So, I have been testing some issues out with my new push of JAMF into my environment. One of the issues I have come across required me to remove the MDM from a user. However, that user still needs to be managed. After I resolved the initial issue, can I reinstall the MDM on the computer with out having to go through the whole install of JAMF again? If so, how? Any terminal commands that will work?

Essentially, I just want to undo the removeFramework command.


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Once you run the removeFramework command you remove the binary so jamf commands will no longer work. If you wanted to give MDM capability to a different user on the machine I would say run sudo jamf mdm -userLevelMdm which will make the current logged in user MDM capable. If you want machines to automatically reenroll themselves take a look at rtroutons CasperCheck.

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Did you remove the entire Jamf framework, like the binary and everything, or just the MDM profile? If you removed the entire framework, the device must go through an enrollment again. That could be with a standalone QuickAdd package created in, or could be a QuickAdd downloaded during user initiated enrollment for example. Or, you could use something like to locate the Mac and enroll it remotely, but that requires knowing the IP address plus an existing local admin name + password plus SSH enabled.

If you only removed the MDM profile, which is needed to be able to push Config Profiles to the device over the air, then that can be done with the jamf binary on the device, or again, remotely (SSH, ARD, Jamf Remote, etc) with the command (must be run ON the machine itself or sent as a command to it)

sudo jamf mdm

That should pull down the overall Jamf MDM profile to the device.

Hope that helps.

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Thanks for the help guys. It looks like I have to just reinstall the entire system. I did a test on my computer of running the removeFramework command and had to start all over.

I appreciate it.